Painting: Dawn on the Pearl Stream

"Dawn on the Pearl Stream"

Painting: Alberta Summer

"Alberta Summer"

Painting: Urban Promise

"Urban Promise"

Painting: Blue Feather

Vurt Series: "Tristan & Suze"

Painting: Pink Feather

Vurt Series: "Catholic F*ck"

Painting: Yellow Feather

Vurt Series: "Curious Yellow"

Painting: Internal Architecture 2

"Internal Architecture II"

Painting: Internal Architecture 1

"Internal Architecture I"

Painting: Matisse-Inspired Window

"Matisse-Inspired Kitchen Window"

Painting: Little Cow Big City

"Little Cow, Big City"

Painting: Mayan Backyard

"Mayan Backyard"

Painting: An Old Fashioned Romance

"An Old Fashioned Romance"

Painting: TGIF

"Thank Goodness It's Friday"

Painting: Day of the Dead

"Dia de los Muertos"

Painting: Ready


Painting: Rendevous


Painting: Tofino

"Tofino: A Romance"

Painting: Infinite Possibilities

"Infinite Possibilities"

Painting: Happiness Is...

"Happiness Is..."

Painting: Summer 1

"Summer I"

Painting: Devil's Lake

"Devil's Lake, Alberta"